Where do I find pub IDs?

Below are examples of pub ids and where to locate them on PubMed, arXiv, bioRxiv, and on a journal website that has a DOI. In general if possible you should use the PMID, arXiv, or bioRxiv ID over the DOI.


29320759 - The PubMed Identifier (PMID) can be submitted as an integer. On PubMed result pages, the PMID is prefixed with PMID: . The DOI is also listed on PubMed pages. Additionally, the PMID is listed in the URL: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29320759


arXiv:1801.03681 - The arXiv ID must be prefixed with "arXiv"!


bioRxiv 246124 - You must prefix the bioRxiv ID with "bioRxiv" as shown. The DOI is also listed but it is preferable to use the bioRxiv ID.


10.1534/genetics/117.300535 DOI (Document object identifier) is often found as a part of the URL on journal websites.

What do the colors of links mean?

Every pub on upvote.pub has a website associated with it. This is often the journal html-based website. Additionally, many pubs have a PDF associated w ith them. To make the site easier to browse, upvote.pub tracks which pubs you download. Additionally, your browser keeps track of websites you visit. These information are both considered when pubs are displayed.

  • Blue - You have not visited the comments page or downloaded its PDF.
  • Light purple - You have visited the comments page associated with that publication, but you have not downloaded the PDF.
  • Dark Purple - The pub PDF has been downloaded. This color is applied to both the title and thumbnail outline.

Why did you build this?

I'm hopeful it will make reading and understanding scientific literature more engaging, foster connections among scientists in different fields, and highlight papers that may have been overlooked.

How do I contact you?

Please email admin@upvote.pub.