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Sinusoidal Voltage Protocols For Rapid Characterisation Of Ion Channel Kinetics
Kylie A Beattie, Adam P Hill, Rémi Bardenet, Yi Cui, Jamie I Vandenberg, David J Gavaghan, Teun P de Boer, Gary R Mirams
2018-02-01 — arXiv
Submitted 3 months ago by mirams to biophysics
Homeostasis of protein and mRNA concentrations in growing cells
Jie Lin, Ariel Amir
2018-01-30 — bioRxiv
Submitted 3 months ago by zach.hensel to biophysics
A focused fragment library targeting the antibiotic resistance enzyme - Oxacillinase-48: Synthesis, structural evaluation and inhibitor design
Sundus Akhter, Bjarte Aarmo Lund, Aya Ismael, Manuel Langer, Johan Isaksson, Tony Christopeit, Hanna-Kirsti S. Leiros, Annette Bayer
2018-01-03 — arXiv
Submitted 3 months ago by bjartelund to biophysics
Dynamic action of the Sec machinery during initiation, protein translocation and termination revealed by single molecule fluorescence
Tomas Fessl, Daniel Watkins, Peter Oatley, William John Allen, Robin A Corey, Jim Horne, Stephen A Baldwin, Sheena E Radford, Ian Collinson, Roman Tuma
2018-01-18 — bioRxiv
Submitted 4 months ago by dec_uchicago to biophysics